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 Feeling older? Here's How to Embrace It.

Are you the oldest person in a group? The older you are, you feel your surroundings people there are usually younger than you. 

According to Danish researchers, if you tend to look young for your age, you're more likely to live a long life. The scientists looked at all sorts of predictors of long life and found that the appearance of youthfulness was an important marker for longevity. 

There’s no way around it—aging is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you have to age in a way that makes you feel discontent with yourself. 

While the entire world is battling against COVID19, it is important now more than ever to have a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity is one of the best ways to keep our bodies feeling good and look even better. It's not only offers long-term health benefits but also improves your overall wellbeing and quality of life.  But do you want to take this opportunity to stay healthier and looking young forever? 

For those who has weight problems or wants to keep a healthy balance weight, I have a program for just 5 days which can benefits your health and will lead you to a healthy lifestyle. In this wonderful program, I have managed to lose a healthy 5kg.

Reboot Your Body System. Starts a new healthy eating habits, regularly carrying out exercise. Staying fit is extremely necessary for a strong immune system to keep you Forever Healthy and Young! 

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#1 Looking for Health and Fitness?

Keeping healthy is vital to decrease our chances of getting infected, especially for those over the age of 45. Remember, you don’t live alone, and if you get infected, so will your loved ones. By that point, the hospital bills won’t be looking too pretty either, so read on to find out how you can further improve your health!

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#2 Looking for Digital Marketing opportunity?

Regardless of profession, it’s probably safe to say that the pandemic has greatly altered what determines the success of our career advancement plans. After all, not only has the way we work changed, but so has the way our performance is evaluated (which affects how long it takes for us to advance in our careers). It certainly doesn’t help that some of us are also getting salary cuts! With that said, click the link below to find out more about digital marketing.

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#3 Seeking Entrepreneurship?

For the youngsters out there who have spent your first 20 years learning, your 30’s should rightly be when you’re at your peak performance. However, if you’re already at that age and still haven’t gotten anywhere, perhaps this pandemic is a sign for you to start exploring other career options. Read on to see what entrepreneurship has to offer!

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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is an industry that earned 3.65 trillion dollars in 2019 alone. With that said, joining this industry through product distribution businesses (e.g., the pharmaceutical industry) could be your prime opportunity to make a six-figure income!

Ever since the pandemic began, people have been flocking to start online businesses. However, the products they sell (on platforms Lazada, Amazon, etc.) are mostly just electronics, clothes, and accessories. In other words, resold products that can easily be found in regular retail shops. Now, what if we told you that you could do something different?

If you wish to find out how to start your own distribution channel and sell relevant Health & Fitness products, just click the link below! Topic covered will include: 

  • How to test whether a health & fitness product really works.

  • How to find out whether a health & fitness product is safe and natural to use.

  • How to obtain health & fitness products for free (after becoming a successful product user and influencer) and how to turn those products into a six-figure income business.

  • Get Started

    Starting an online Digital Marketing Distribution Business for extra income

    Trivia time. Did you know that 7-11 stores generate about $6,238,000 profits per day, solely from cup noodle sales? Read on to learn how to:

  • Use the 7-11 distribution model for your online business.

  • Leverage digital marketing platforms to build a distribution business.

  • Build your digital funnels without coding or designing knowledge.

  • Your Network

    Does your social network represent your net worth?

    Personal branding through social media helps people build social networks online. With that said, have you been keeping tabs with your social network? Who are you to your followers? Are you being a forward-moving social influencer who’s capable of using your social network to accurately represent your net worth? 

    If we’ve caught your attention, check out our TADMNC Entrepreneurship Program to learn more about influence and build your influencer skills!


    Since COVID 19 is still running amuck, why not learn how to build a Digital Marketing Distribution Business? It may be your ticket to making money online. If that piqued your interest.

    Click on the video below to find out more from Marcus Maximus our CEO & Co-Founder of ASENTAR Pte Ltd

    My Story

    Holding 3 decade of experience in the Tourism and hospitality sector equip me the service excellence knowledge. With my determination, attitude, patient, drive, communications and interpersonal skills, which brings me into another milestone to the real estate profession. I belief in stretching my limit, delivering the extraordinary experience to clients and my pure passion earn me several promotions and awards all these years. As the successful years goes by, with the present world pandemic problems and age increased, I strongly feel that our health is very important. So, I embarked into another new stage of life to the health sector platform.

    I belief that in life we have to excel whatever endeavor we do, continuing looking for challengers, adopt lifelong learning. If you share the same belief with me, please feel free to contact me be it a business opportunity, to have healthier life or a career discussion.

    I am looking forward to walk through the healthy journey with you!


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